Life’s Timeline

I thought that 25 was going to be an age where I had my shit together and I was then going to head into the summer of my life with a solid foundation below my feet. They made us create these lists in 10th grade that were for 10 years down the road, and imagined that that foundation was meant to be something like this

-Be a college graduate with a super fancy degree

-Have a job that utilizes that fancy degree

-Either be married or on the verge of marriage

-Have my own place with my husband/almost fiancé and a dog (duh)

-Be a world traveler

-Be stable, secure, and happy

Well hot damn. As far as that list goes,Read More »


Black – White – Grey

There’s a lot that I don’t know. At times that scares me. It gets so overwhelming that it makes me feel like I’m sinking. It gets hard to breathe and everything just feels black and bleak.

Other times it’s freeing. Not knowing lends so much opportunity for Read More »

Resolutions for the New Year

It’s almost a new year. (Hellooooo 2016!) That means it’s time to make some resolutions. AKA the life changes we fully intend to make at the start of the year and then don’t think about again until December and the think “oops”. I didn’t make any last year because what I described is exactly what I tend to do.

One cool thing though, is that I finally followed through with a resolution Read More »

For Mom

My mom is one of those people
That holds me together
She makes me feel certain
That I can make it through any weather

She lifts me up
When I’ve fallen down
Even when I think I don’t want her
She still comes around

She picks on me
Out of love
She teaches me things
Like “Rise Above

To be independent
To treat others with kindness
And to remember to look for light
In those times of darknessRead More »